Year 4

Senyumlah meski disakiti itu menyakitkan, karena senyummu adalah obat pereda sakit, dan sabar adalah sebab sembuh sakitnya hati. Dakwah Syariah Khilafah. .#sjv4H

#SJV4H we have been discussing bullying today in our #SJVP4C Our first question, can we forgive a bully? The listening to Jesusโ€™ words about forgiveness, is it easy to forgive? Some excellent and thoughtful answers. #SJVRE

Great circuit making in #SJV4H today. We have been creating simple circuits then adding buzzer and motors then adding switches to create a closed and open circuit. #SJVscience

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In ICT today, we started our gaming module. We used @Showbie to share our ideas on what is gaming? And how many different designers work on the games we play. FACT : Over 1000 employees worked on the game ROBLOX before it was released #SJVICT #SJV4T ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿ“€

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