Recent Events in the Catholic Life of our School...

Palm Monday -  We marked the start of the week by celebrating Palm Sunday in our usual SJV tradition by having a real donkey lead the procession into Jerusalem.  Thank you to our fantastic Year 6 children who took on the role of Jesus and his disciples.

On Tuesday, we celebrated the Passion of our Lord by watching Year 4 produce an astounding, moving performance of the final hours of Jesus’ life as he walked to His death on Calvary.  Year 4 - you were an exceptional group of actors and really brought the Stations of the Cross to life.  All the children from Reception upwards came to watch the performance and gave the utmost respect, the hall was in reverent silence. 

On Wednesday, we celebrated the significance of ‘The Washing of the Feet’ before Jesus shared His Last Supper with his friends.  KS2 children observed their teachers having their feet washed, whilst KS1 and Foundation Stage experienced this significant event more intimately in their classrooms.