The Intention of the Geography curriculum at St John Vianney Catholic Primary School is to inspire in the children a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people. The children will explore natural and human environments, develop their geographical skills using atlases, maps, globes, aerial photographs and digital mapping and enhance their vocabulary. Our Geography curriculum gives the children a richer appreciation for our wonderful world and their local area as learning time is dedicated to learning about Blackpool making our Geography curriculum personal to St John Vianney.


Geography is delivered every term during the second half. Each term, children will learn about 3 topics, spending 2-3 weeks on each one, deepening and embedding geographical knowledge and skills. By revisiting topics each term, it enables the child to advance their knowledge and skills and aids them in retaining information which they can apply in other topics. This delivery of Geography allows for progression of skills and knowledge (Basic/Advancing and Deep) making the curriculum accessible for all. Aspiration is important here at St John Vianney so children learn about famous explorers in each year group.


Geography at St John Vianney is effective and enjoyable providing the children with superb skills and knowledge which they deepen throughout the year about our world and their local area. Children record their work in their Geography book which passes on from       Year 1 – Year 2, Year 3 – Year 4 and Year 5 – Year 6. This shows a clear progression of knowledge and skills.

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