Parent Group will meet on the last working Wednesday of each month, at alternate times of 09:00 / 14:30, in the staff room.  

If you are unable to attend and would like to contribute in any way, please email parentforum@st-john-vianney.blackpool.sch.uk


The dates for this year’s meetings are:
27th September at 9:00
25th October at 14:30
29th November at 9:00
None in December due to Christmas activities
31st January at 14:30
28th February at 9:00
28th March at 14:30
25th April at 9:00
23rd May at 14:30
27th June at 9:00
18th July at 14:30


23rd October 

Following our LPPA assessment on Tuesday 7th July 2015, we are extremely proud to announce that school has achieved the Leading Parent Partnership Award.

We would like to thank everyone for their continued support and look foward to maintaining our close partnership with parents, carers and wider community. 

Our parent Leadership Group meets monthly and we are always looking for new members to join us.  Contact Mrs. Wooldridge if you are interested in being a part of this group.

Also, we will soon be starting workshops to enable parents to come along and find out more about how they can help their child in school. Watch this space!

You said…


We did…


We are concerned about the safety of our children who cross Park Road due to a catering van parking on double yellow lines making deliveries to school. School has contacted the catering company to update their delivery time to 9.30am and change their location to the school car park, due to safety concerns. 
You aren't kept well informed about our children's progress. End of Autumn term report introduced.
We're not always sure how to help our children with their homework. Introduced a new Homework Club afer school with staff available to explain homework. 
We are concerned about the safety of our children because of illegal parking on the zig zag lines outside school.  Purchased safety covers for the bollards outside school to remind parents of the dangers of illegal parking. 

Conversations with teachers at Parents Evening are not very confidential with all of the teachers in the hall.

Appointments are now held in classrooms.

It’s difficult to know who is next without a proper queuing system.

Appointments are now given so that everyone has an allotted time.

The website needs updating with more current information about school.

A new School Website is in place with features suggested by the Parent Leadership Group.

The website is does not cater for EAL visitors / parents.

The website now has a translate function which translates the whole website into their chosen language. 

The photos on the school wesbsite are out of date. For example - the children displayed on the Year 1 banners are no longer in Year 1!

New photos have been taken and have been updated on the website banners.

The website takes a long time to load - and usually times-out when loading on a mobile device. 

The website has been moved to a new hosting provider - the website loading speed is now more than 10 times faster - including when the website is accessed on a mobile device! 

Telephone calls from school appear as 'unknown caller' or 'withheld.' Settings have been changed on schools telephone system to display an 01253 number.