Physical Education

At St John Vianney Catholic Primary School we offer a high quality, inclusive, fun and engaging PE curriculum. As a School Games Gold Award holder, we provide a brilliant range of extra-curricular sports clubs enabling us to compete in different sporting events and competitions across our region. 


Here at St John Vianney’s we value the importance of Physical Education and therefore we aim to provide a high quality PE curriculum to develop all pupils’ physical and emotional abilities. At St John Vianney’s we aim to ensure that children can develop and succeed in a range of physical skills and apply these to a variety of sporting activities. Equally, we aim to promote the physical and mental wellbeing of all pupils’ so that children feel good when completing physical activities. Furthermore, we actively encourage children to understand about and lead healthy lifestyles through their diet and physical activities. Knowledge as well as skills is important in our PE curriculum, so building a knowledge of how we can build and maintain a healthy lifestyle is fundamental to our teaching and learning in PE. Each year group has objectives split into these key areas:

  • Movement.
  • Tactics and strategy.
  • Personal and social.
  • Leadership.
  • Healthy lifestyle.

Equally, values of teamwork, communication, respect and leadership are woven into our curriculum so that we can build up children’s knowledge, skills and understanding to help to embed these life-long values.


Here at St John Vianney’s we have designed a bespoke curriculum fit our school and children. Each year group has key curriculum texts to go with their learning objectives. Also, each year group has a sporting person to connect with and learn about, this person has a special link or connection with Blackpool. These positive role models help our children to aspire to achieve in this subject and to look ahead to their futures and the possibilities these may bring.

Each year group has the opportunity each week to develop their PE skills both outdoors and in the school hall.

In both Year 4 and 5, children are given the opportunity to learn how to swim and complete 25 metres unaided.


We have developed a strong relationship with the Blackpool Football Club Community Trust who we have worked closely with for a number of years. Their professional staff work with children from different year groups in their PE lessons and also offer multi-skills after school clubs. Each year the BFC Community Trust staff also deliver the excellent Fit 2 Go Programme with our Year 4 children which aims to develop children’s understanding of how they can lead a healthy lifestyle.


Our curriculum aims to improve the wellbeing and fitness of all children at St John Vianney’s; not only through the sporting skills taught, but through the underpinning values and disciplines that PE promotes.

We regularly tweet photographs and videos of children’s progress in PE to share and celebrate their successes with our wider school and family community. Our children make good progress in PE and enjoy representing our school in extra-curricular activities including the Blackpool Youth Games.

We are confident that our teaching and learning delivers a fun, engaging and high-quality PE curriculum.

Below you will find links to some of our PE videos, please have a look at all the wonderful things we participate in and do at St John Vianney.

SJV Sports Day at Stanley Park
SJV Zumba Warm Up - Can you spot your teacher?